Workshop on parenting

Workshop on parenting organised at Shanti Asiatic School on 15th December 2018. Mr. Firdaus Kapadia conducted the session on “Parenting and New Age Teens”. The session was devoted towards understanding teens and the difference between the upbringing of ours and that of new age teens’, handling Digital Age Children born to non Digital Age Parents, helping our Children balance between Analog and Digital Time spent and dealing with the impact of Exposure on the Psychology of Children and its remedies. The resource person discussed in detail the importance of Parenting. Parents are learning new tricks of parenting and gaining experience even though they are born in Non Digital age unlike our Children. Their exposure and information at the same age was much less that what our children have today. Many tips and tricks were given to the parents by Mr. Kapadia for handling the myriad issues and problems faced by them. The workshop concluded with question and answer round. Parents were quite enthusiastic and clarified several doubts.