Capacity Building Programme on Remodelled Structure of Assessment for Classes I-VIII
Date : May 29, 2019
Resource persons: Mr. Kush Kulshreshtha and Dr. Mayur Patadia
The resource persons discussed the remodelled assessment structure for classes IX and X, with the focus on periodic tests, subject enrichment and notebook submission in detail. The workshop also focused on the co-scholastic areas of work-experience, art education and physical education.
The trainers successfully transformed the workshop into a highly interactive session. The session was made even more interesting with activities incorporated as exercises to bring clarity on various concepts of teaching learning process.

Butterfly Fields workshop
Date : May 28, 2019
Recourse persons: Mr. Akhil and Mr. Uday Bhaskar.
Teachers were provided with various kits pertaining to the standard they teach. Teachers performed the experiments and activities with the contents of the kit. It was more of handling the materials and clearing the concepts.
In fact the workshop was worth attending and to be upgraded. Such innovative tools can improve effectiveness of Classroom learning.

C.B.S.E. Workshop on Class Management for Class II to VI
Date : 30 May, 2019 – 31 May, 2019
Resource persons: Mr. Kush Kulshreshtha and Dr. Mayur Patadia
The session was a learning experience covering Classroom Organisation, VARK Learning styles, Instructional management, Time Management, Teaching Styles, Disciplinary Practices, Classroom Rules, Procedure and Routines, Interpersonal Relationship, hands on experiences etc. Views and experiences were shared by the resource persons and participants which led to the positive discussion with different ideas on the topic .It was an interesting and informative session for all.

Next Education
Resource persons: Mr. Kapil Parmar
Date : 28, May 2019
The focus of Workshop was on the method to use Maths lab equipments like Geo-geometry sticks, Algebra Identity (a + b + c)2, coloured blocks etc. Teachers took great interest in learning new practical methodology of imparting knowledge of the subject.

Stress Management
Date : 27/05/19
Resource Person : Mrs. Rupa Majumdar
The Resource Person (Reiki Specialist, Yoga Trainer and Motivational Speaker), enlightened the teachers through her spell binding presentation as well as a smooth and enjoyable practical session. The aim of the workshop was to pull the teachers away from their comfort zone to accept the practicality of life as it comes. The session was highly fruitful and the teachers carried a positive approach towards life to reduce the day to day stress.

Extra Marks
Recourse person: Mr. Harsh Buch
The new features of the application like Curriculum Planning & Project work was explained which will be helpful in the days to come.
The session was more of handling the application and clearing the concepts. Such innovative tools can help in improving the quality of teaching-learning process.

IT Skills
Date : 30 May, 2019
Resource Person – Ms Shilpi Saxena & Ms Megha Bhavsar
The session focused on the basic IT Skills like Video & Content downloading, network usage, Hidden features of Gmail and Search engine.
Moreover it also threw light on MS Word and Excel to enable teachers to make the worksheet and maintain their data effectively.