Students’ Workshop

Be Cyber Safe Surfing the net is the favourite work of people all over the world. Divulging personal data to friends and strangers, with equal ease, is the current trend everywhere. Thus the poison of cyber-crimes is entering into our society at a very fast pace.
To throw light on Cyber Safety, a Workshop was conducted for students of Classes VI – VII on July 24, 2019. The resource person was Mr. Kabir Nanda, Regional Manager (India Operations)- A Certified Cyber Intervention Security Officer.
The main objective of the workshop was to help the students to be familiar with cyber safety measures and protect themselves from threats like cyber bully, online blackmailing, digital footprint etc. The workshop focussed on the ill-effects of using social media unethically and identification of fake profiles. Workshop threw light upon Sexting, Web cam Sex, Cyber bullying etc.