Rules & Regulations


Uniform for Girls

Sr No. Details
1 Red T-shirt
2 Blue Denim divider skirt
3 White socks with blue stripes
4 Black hair bands or pins
5 Black velcro school shoes

Uniform for Boys

Sr No. Details
1 Red T-shirt
2 Blue Denim shorts
3 White socks with blue stripes
4 Black velcro school shoes

Winter Uniform

Gender Details
Boys School denim trousers with regular red T-shirt
Girls Skirts with blue colour tights (leggings)
Blue colour school sweater


Uniform for Girls

Sr No. Details
1 White shirt with red & navy blue checks sailors collar & with check trimmings at the sleeve edge (I-VII)
2 White Princess line Shirt with checks trimmings (VIII-XII)
3 Navy Blue sleeveless jacket (VIII-XII)
4 Red & navy blue checks tie (VIII-XII)
5 Red & navy blue checks skirts (knee-length)
6 Red & navy blue checks hair band / Blue bands
7 Red canvas belt
8 Navy blue socks (with red strips at the border)
9 Black sports shoes (Liberty Force 10)

Uniform for Boys

Sr No. Details
1 White Shirt with red & navy blue checks trimmings at inside collar, button strip & sleeves
2 Blue denim pants
3 Red & navy blue checks tie
4 Red canvas belt
5 Navy blue socks (with red strips at the border)
6 Black sports shoes (Liberty Force 10)

Sports Uniform ( For All )

Sr No. Details
1 House T-shirt ( Red / Yellow / Green / Blue )
2 Grey track pants with all four house colour strips at the sides

Winter Uniform

Sr No. Details
1 Navy blue blazer (V-XII)
2 Navy blue jacket (I-IV)
3 Navy blue leggings for girls



  1. Students should wear clean and neatly ironed uniforms.
  2. Wearing of I-card is essential at all times during School  hours and in the School  bus.
  3. Shoes  should  be clean and the laces should  be tied properly.
  4. Hair should  be combed  properly to give a neat look. Girls  with shoulder length  hair should  tie their hair neatly  into two plaits (no loose hair).
  5. Any kind of make-up including nail polish,  mehndi  etc and dangling colourful accessories is not allowed  in the campus.
  6. Bringing gadgets like cell phones, MP3, I POD and camera etc are strictly  prohibited.
  7. A simple  ”Wrist  watch” is allowed only  for students of class  V onwards.
  8. Students up to class  V are permitted to wear coloured clothes  on their birthdays. But the students above  class V are not permitted for the same.
  9. Distribution of sweets  and gifts  by the students in class  is NOT permitted at the school.

Late Arrival

  1. The school gate will close 10 minutes after the first bell rings.
  2. Late arrivals to school will not be appreciated. In case of three late coming to the school the child will be asked to return home.


  1. Check the haircut, nails and uniform of your ward in the morning.
  2. Children should not bring crackers, colours etc to the school.
  3. No students will be allowed to go home before time without the written permission of the higher authorities. Parents will personally come and pick-up their child on such occasions.
  4. No child will be allowed to go home with an unknown person.

Presence Policy

  1. It is compulsory for all the students to maintain 80% attendance during the course of academic session, In case of absence due to medical reasons; the parents will have to provide a medical and fitness certificate.
  2. The school would try to cover the lost academic hours but this may not be claimed as a “Right”. If your ward is absent from the school she/he must make up all the work that she/he had missed during her/his absence.
  3. In case of absence of more than one week without any reason, the admission would be cancelled.


  1. The school buses have fixed routes.
  2. Parents of students who do not use the school bus service may drop and pick their wards up according to the school schedules.
  3. Students are supposed to reach at their respective bus stop at least five to seven minutes before the arrival of the bus. Buses will not wait for the late comers.
  4. In case of missing the school bus, parents are expected to drop their child to school.
  5. In case of change in address or phone number or bus stop the transport manager should be informed a month in advance.

Fee Payment

  1. The tuition fees can be paid quarterly i.e. April, July, October and January between 1st to 5th of every month.
  2. If the allotted time exceeds a late fee of Rs. 25 per day will be charged. Bouncing of any school fee cheques, may involve a penalty of Rs. 250.
  3. If the fees deadline extends beyond a month the child will not be permitted to attend classes.
  4. Fees once paid will not be refunded, irrespective of whether the child has attended school or not.

Withdrawal Policy

The following process shall be applicable:-
  1. Three months notice period or one quarter fee.
  2. Processing time of minimum fifteen days.
  3. All outstanding fees and other charges are to be settled. The Library books and school belongings are to be returned.
  4. All expenses are met. In case of the dues pending, the caution money will be refunded only after clearing the dues.

Discipline Policy

Maintaining Harmony within the School Premises
Indiscipline Handling Process
  • Larger Objective – Internal Discipline
  • Process -Counseling, from handling
» First Stage:
  • Relentless Counseling
  • Parents are not involved at this stage
  • It is between the school and the child
» Second Stage:
  • Repetition will involve informing the parents
» Third Stage:
  • In-house suspension and warning of Home Suspension
» Fourth Stage:
  • Home Suspension and warning of possible Expulsion
» Fifth Stage:
  • Expulsion