Prayaas 2018

Organ Donation Drive
On 19th July 20, 2018, around 120 Students of Shanti Asiatic School class IX participated and created awareness by joining hands and formed a mega human chain at Sabarmati River front near Sardar Bridge.
SAS students took a pledge and appealed to all Amdavadis for organ donation by holding a 90-foot long banner with wonderful messages on Organ Donation. The Atmosphere was electric and enthusiastic.
It was a call creating attention to support this noble cause of Organ Donation.
TV actors Mayur Vakani and Bhakti Kubavat attended this event and joined SAS students for promoting Organ Donation.
This Campaign was a part of the ongoing TOI- KDAH Donation Drive ahead of Organ Donation Day.

Class: V Aryabhatta
Date: July 10, 2018
Students were able to empathize with the visually impaired by visiting the Blind People’s Association. They experienced as to how the visually impaired people read using Braille texts and perform their daily tasks. Students donated daily need items like toothpaste, toothbrush, hair oil, soap, stationery items, snacks, unused clothes and toys. The association expressed their gratitude on receiving the gifts from SASites.

Class V Vivekananda:
The Students experienced the joy of sharing and offered gifts to the underprivileged. They donated the basic necessity items, stationery items, snacks, unused clothes, toys, toothpaste, toothbrush etc.
Students of SAS also realised how important sharing is to make our life complete and meaningful to others. The people in the slum area were overjoyed and expressed gratitude on receiving the gifts from the students.

Classes: V Ashoka, V Kalam and V Raman
The students were actively involved in the cleanliness drive. They enthusiastically took up brooms and garbage bags to clean up every nook and corner of the school ground.
This activity made them realize that any work is best done when it is carried out by a person himself or herself. It also made them aware of the dignity of labour.

Class V Chanakya and V Tagore :
The students experienced the joy of planting saplings. They understood their role in taking care of the environment and nurturing mother earth. Varieties of flowering and non-flowering plants were planted in the SAS campus. They enjoyed this activity and felt proud to be a part of the Go Green Revolution.

Date: July 6, 2018
Class: IV
“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance”
The students learned how sharing and caring for others can lead to general happiness. They developed such a mindset by donating basic necessities like soap, oil, and tooth paste to Aaya Didis of the School.

July 6 2018
‘The secret to happiness is the act of making other people happy.’
Class III
The students experienced the joy of sharing by offering their gifts to the community helpers at the new building at SAS. It was an effort to make a difference!
The students donated items like small snacks, old clothes, old toys etc.
SAS students performed a drama for those children and spent quality time with them