Prayaas 2019-20


“Not all of us can do great things, But we can do small things with great love.” - Mother Teresa
Compassion towards the poor and the under privileged is an essential virtue for every human being. The importance of charity should be passed on to the next generation with the idea of making this world a better place. In order to inculcate the virtue of compassion empathy and love among the children, Shanti Asiatic School arranged Rakhi selling exhibition by Andh Kanya Prakash Gruh, a school for blind girls.
They were warmly welcomed by the teachers of Shanti Asiatic School . All the students were really keen and enthusiatic to buy rakhis and take part in this charity drive. They were really moved to see these special rakhis made by these visually challenged girls, who represented remarkable zest for life! These rakhis were really colourful and beautifully made. The students were awestruck by the artistic work of these girls. SAS students realized how fortunate they are to have this blessing of vision. They learned the difference between sympathy and empathy . The teachers and the other staff members also contributed to the noble cause by purchasing rakhis.
It was indeed a great learning experience for our students, they learnt to empathize with differently abled people and also the importance of giving back to the society in which they live. Thus the rakhi selling charity drive not only developed the bond of love and compassion among the students but also awakened the sense of responsibility towards the society.
Acts of charity not only help the people in need, but they also make you feel good!.