September 7 & 8, 2018
Classes I – XII
Shanti Asiatic School celebrated Prabhat-2018 with great zeal and gusto. The campus was genial with a vivacious atmosphere that enthralled the guests with great anticipation to witness another spectacular occasion i.e. celebration of knowledge. The event distinctly marked the support of team SAS towards AMC’s Traffic Drive for its futuristic effort to make the city of Ahmedabad a better dwelling for all. The event was inaugurated by the esteemed parents Mr.& Mrs Mahesh Kumar Patel and Mr.& Mrs.Manminder Makhija.
SAS is concomitant with Behtar India Campaign which functions for issues like Health, Hygiene and Environment. Another major attractions were the recognition of the Indian Goldmedalists at Asian Games-2018, Jakarta, Indonesia, and the tribute to out great leader, poet and statesman Shri Atal Bihari Bajpai.
The holistic and overall development of a child is the key element in Shanti Asiatic School. All the students gain practical experience in the course of their academic education. The concept of club is seen as an opportunity for adaptation to life in the group, forming good life long habits and cultivating a creative spirit. Club activities supplement academics and give the students practical training which they require in day -to-day life.
Every visitor got a chance to experience innovation and aesthetic at its heights. The students had been engaged in this adventure for the past three months to exhibit their best. Prabhat epitomized to be an excellent platform for the students to exhibit their innovation and finesse through the models and projects that they were engaged in, via various clubs like Expression, Science, Robotics, Ramanujan, Techno Wizard etc.

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