Prayaas 2016-17

Slum area near Sobo Center

Jr.K.G and Sr.K.G

“A meal is the whole exprience of getting together and sharing with friends. It is more than food.”

With this beautiful thought Preprimary kids went for a visit to the slum area where they shared food with underprivileged children and understood the real meaning of food and importance of balanced diet. This visit is not only about healthy and balanced diet but also about hygiene, as good hygiene follows good healthy life.

At the end SAS Preprimary children gave slate and chalk to the underprivileged children as token of friendship.

Bhikajini Chali

December 17, 2016

“The Heart that Gives, Gathers !”

Class II

The students learned the art of sharing and caring by donating stationery items like notebooks, pencils, pens, registers to the under-privileged children. They performed a Christmas Carol for these children and spread the spirit of love, generosity and goodness.

The under-privileged children also expressed their happiness by performing a dance.

Lets Eat For A Cause. …..Follow Up

December 14, 2016

Students of Class XI and XII Commerce organised a “Food Stall” during Prabhat 2016 to help the poor and underprivileged children of Municipality School The amount collected was utilized for purchasings like plates, spoons and glasses for Mid Day Meal of “SHELA ANGANWADI “ .

The motive is to instill in students the social values and humanity in life.

Shela Primary School

October 10, 2016


“Giving is not just about making a donation, it is about making a difference”

Students visited Shela Primary School as a part of Prayaas.

A performance by the students of Shela Primary School sensitized SASties.

Since the first step towards positive change is realization, we hope that this will help ignite a spark of acceptance and respect amongst SASites for fellow human beings.

Apang Manav Mandal – A school for special children

October 6, 2016

Class VIII

“Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another.”

The students visited ApangManav Mandal and gave their contributions as chocolates and other gifts.

Children learnt the art of giving and felt the joy after giving.

School for Deaf and Mute Society

October 3, 2016

Class VI

“Whenever you fall down, you have two options: To get up and fight back or to run away.”

The brief visit to the School for Deaf and Mute Society made a deep impact on the students. The students enjoyed the melody offered by the special children.

They also distributed gifts to the children and the joy on their face was incredible.

Old Age Home

October 1, 2016

Class I

“Happiness is making an elderly person ……. smile”

As a part of “Prayaas” students visited Old Age home where they danced and sang songs with the elders. The students offered the gifts to the elders as a token of gratitude towards them. The grandparents also shared their experiences with them.