Healthy Lunch Box

August 23, 2018
Resource Person: Dr. Akhil Mukim
“Health is a state of mind, wellness is a state of being”
The workshop was conducted for class IV, to enlighten the students about the various health benefits of eating healthy food. A wholesome meal comprises of fine balance between all the essential nutrients. They should never come to school empty stomach always bring two lunch boxes, that contains fruits, small portions of salad and chapatti or rice and vegetables. The food should be chewed properly as it helps in improving digestive process . Students were suggested to involve themselves with their parents in planning their lunch .They were cautioned about the frequency of consuming the junk food . Anything consumed in limited quantity will not harm our body. The students were motivated to have an appropriate proportion of all the nutrients necessary for a healthy life and to stay fit .
It was concluded with a take away , that food is a blessing of almighty and should be relished and respected by each one of us.