Bharatiyam – Annual Sporting Fiesta in SAS

“Sports serve society by providing vivid examples of excellence.”

BHARTIYAM is an initiative of Shanti Asiatic SCHOOL, to inculcate a sense of sporting spirit, discipline, principle of teamwork and most importantly respect for the nation among the students.
This annual sporting event provides a platform to the students to portray their athletic spirit and discover their potential as well. The school is sincerely committed to nurture an environment for the students to attain a holistic development. This was evident from the hundred-percent participation of the students in this gala event held over a span of three days i.e. January 24 to 26, 2019.
Day 1 – Classes I-III
The first day of the programme was inaugurated with the unfurling of the school flag
by the honourable Chief Guest Neil Contractor, an eminent swimmer who has represented India in various International Competitions. He was the part of four-member Indian team to win the Bronze Medal in 4x50m free style medley at the International School Sport Federation Swim Cup-2013 in Israel.
The journey of becoming fit starts from childhood and this is what the little ones exhibited in their mass-drill. The energetic tiny tots set the tempo with a group song ‘I have a dream’ rendering their mellifluous voices. They also enthusiastically participated in Inter House Athletic Competitions and Relay Races. The audience remained spellbound as the little ones with their alluring costumes performed flawless aerobic movements on a Latin tune. The highlight of the day was the zestful dance performance with a retro medley that evoked true spirit of patriotism amidst all. The winners of the athletic events were awarded by the Chief Guest and other Dignitaries.
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Day 2 – Classes IV-V
The event began with the unfurling of the school flag by the Chief Guest Vandita Dhariyal, an Indian Butterfly stroke swimmer and winner of the prestigious World Aquatic Championships as well as the first woman from Gujarat to swim the English Channel.This was followed by the ceremonial Inter House March Past, conducted by the four houses Vayu, Agni, Jal and Prithvi. It was coupled with some stirring marching music by the school band. The Lighting of the auspicious torch set the tone for the rest of the event. The students entered into the spirit of the occasion in a grand way, with the oath being administered by the Sports Captain and Bhartiyam-2019 was declared open by the Chief Guest.
A harmonious song was presented by the choir followed by the highly awaited athletic events. Competitiveness among the students soared, once the races began, the air was filled with cheering and tons of encouragement for the young athletes. The day was distinct with some exemplary performances of Yoga Asanas and Zumba that ascertained the balance, flexibility and stamina of the students. It was a remarkable sight to see the youngsters stretching themselves in various asanas and skilfully gliding in the roller skates with poise.
The highlight of the day was pyramid formation, stunts in the mid-air and breath-taking daring stunts performed over iron grids. The synchronisation, balancing and the coordination displayed by the students were undoubtedly top notch and the audience was thrilled to the core. The winners of the athletic events were conferred with medals and certificates. The Chief Guest appreciated the ingenuity of SAS in providing a platform to the students to inculcate and nurture the virtue of sportsmanship.

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Day 3 – Classes VI-XII
The three day grand celebrations concluded with display of vitality, self- confidence, and of course winning spirit. Mr. Priyank Panchal, an ace cricketer and the first player to score a triple century for Gujarat and leading run-scorer in both the Vijay Hazare Trophy as well as Ranji Trophy for the 2018 -19 season was the Chief Guest. The day was graced by the presence of distinguished Guests.
The programme commenced with flag-hoisting by the Chief Guest followed by a synchronized and energetic March Past by the four Houses of the school. The students performed a folk dance, Lazim that originates in Maharashtra.
A swift and spirited presentation of Sports Culmination with a fusion of Skating, Taekwondo and Karate left the spectators astounded at the sheer expertise and alertness of all the performers. In keeping to the fervour of the 70th Republic Day students paid a tribute to the sporting legends who have made their motherland proud through a magnificently coordinated dance exercises comprising of pulsating moves. The students took part in athletic events with vigour. The charismatic performance of the day was heroic stunts and formations that kept the spectators amazed. It evidently exhibited paramount focus and quintessential perseverance. The occasion concluded with singing of Vande Matarm.
Bhartiyam, 2018-19 surely solemnized the uniqueness of every sport – the ethic eulogized at the International Olympic Games ‘CITIUS—ALTIUS—-FORTIUS’…………..Higher Stronger and Faster, the very motto boosted an aura of magnificence and excellence and enthused the spirit of confidence and positivity in all.

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