Top 5 CBSE Schools of Ahmedabad

Build a Bright Future with One of the Top 5 CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad

Getting admission in one of the Top 5 CBSE Schools Ahmedabad is the beginning to a bright academic career. Therefore, it is crucial to choose an educational institution that provides a holistic experience for overall development of a child, enabling him to cope with the ever-growing challenges of modern life. Shanti Asiatic School is among the Top 5 CBSE Schools Ahmedabad that provides a modern and creative education in an interactive and friendly environment. It is recognised as one of the Best CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad that maintains an optimum balance between education, sports and co-curricular activities.

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Top 5 CBSE Schools of Ahmedabad

Top 5 CBSE Schools of Ahmedabad

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— Anthony J. D’Angelo


Parent of Samiha Chandwani,

To the Management, Staff and All the Teachers of Shanti Asiatic School for Shaping up our daughter Samiha Chandwani.

Without your support Samiha would have not been so successful.

Since, she is going for further study (bachelors / Masters / PHD) in one of the best university of Canada, Your guidance with best wishes and blessing will help her.

Always grateful to everyone at Shanti Asiatic School!

Proud parents of Samiha Chandwani.

Archa Pandya, Parent of Khevna Pandya (Jr. KG B)

"The Nurture and Care
The Nourishment you Share
Confidence she has shown
whose seeds you have Sown
Her Intellect is Explored
With knowledge you have Poured.
The Learning with Increased Abilities
provided with all Facilities
No Words can fulfill
Joy of my Heart is filled
turning our Dreams True

and That's the Best CBSE Schools Ahmadabad
The Shanti Asiatic School..."
The realization of hidden qualities and abilities and the positive progress of the behavior of a child, as an individual and as a part of the society, depends primarily on the environment. So a school holds a major position. Shanti Asiatic School which is the Best CBSE Schools of Ahmadabad takes care for the smallest things.
I am extremely happy with the overall development of my child. A simple word of Thanks doesn't suffice my gratitude towards what SAS has given my child and me.
I’m proud to be with Shanti Asiatic School.

Jaya Lodha (Ex Teacher)

My experience with Shanti Asiatic School is a journey which upholds me till date.
It gave me a comfortable environment where all the teachers worked with confederation. The school is always welcoming and the teachers are very dedicated. There is a good balance between the old and the new. The experienced teachers give stability to the institution, and the new teachers bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm.
I had many great moments here and I ended term happily and enthusiastically. There are no words to express my gratitude of what I benefitted from it. It was a wonderful journey indeed.

Dr. Archa Shah, Parent of Alay Shah (Sr. KG A)

Schools can change the attitude towards life.
Here, at Shanti Asiatic, the Best CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad, we handed over our uncut diamond to teachers who, with their efforts, transformed him into stars in the areas - academics, discipline, sports and communication - who will one day lead the nation towards the shining future.

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Nayana Madhav (Ex student)

I was moulded in a way that is helping me, even now, in my present career. It would not have been possible to become the topper of the school without the motivation of my beloved teachers. Faculties of SAS provided me a value based education.
Loving, committed and passionate teachers have worked wonders on me because only by attending classes of an experienced faculty did I become the topper of the school without attending any coaching outside school. I once again thank all the teachers and pray they shower me with their blessings, always.
Indeed Shanti Asiatic School is the Best CBSE Schools of Ahmedabad

 Amitabh Mukherjee, Parent of Jinia Mukherjee (XI Science)

The school holds a friendly environment where all teachers are easily approachable. 
The infrastructure, maintenance and all the facilities available at school are also well organized and well planned. I see the school progressing and growing for the betterment of the students, in all aspects.

Lopa Chhaya, Parent of Ishaan Chhaya (Class IV)

I would love to put my admiration into words for Shanti Asiatic, this way :
SAS has a staff that is caring and nurtures kids very well. They listen to parents and we always receive an encouraging feedback from the teachers that leads to the overall development of my kid. Students are not at all over burdened.  Extracurricular activities at school during school hours give my kids the luxury of spending their evenings in a constructive way.
No wonder SAS is amongst the Top 5 CBSE Schools of Ahmadabad!
After all, today's kids are tomorrow's citizens and SAS is playing the prefect role in building responsible citizens. Thank you for perfect curriculum and I appreciate your efforts.

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